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Kulturni Stanice is a non-profit organisation created in 2018, an independent and self-managed/funded organisation. 

Brief History: From 1910 to the spring of 2012 the building served as a railway station. The route from Prague to Plzen was upgraded, Zbiroh Station was subsequently replaced by Karez station. On the 12th of April 2012 the building was put under historical protection. The building was then sold by the railway company (České dráhy) through open tender, November 14th 2014 contracts were exchanged. On March 12th 2018 the new owner in conjunction with locals created this foundation.                                                                                                                                                                                
This website is being built by volunteers that have arrived at the station through the workaway project. The foundation has been given a donation of 2500 Euros by world life experience. Thank you WLE.

Purpose of the foundation

a) Create a public space where it can meet and enrich the general public. 

b) To support the development of the community around the Zbiroh and Karez municipalities by organizing educational, cultural, research, environmental or sporting events for the general public and fostering consciousness of cohesion among the inhabitants of the municipality. 

c) Provision of backgrounds for regular meetings of children and youth and interested parties around common themes. 

d) Maintain Zbiroh's historic building, contribute to the improvement of its state and to develop its surroundings. 

e) Development and implementation of projects at local and international level to support education, research, culture, exhibition and museum activities in the field of development and contribution of railways 

f) Implement programs supporting the integration of isolated groups of the population (mothers and fathers with children on parental leave, long-term unemployed, children from children's homes or socially disadvantaged, seniors) into society. 

g) Social entrepreneurship in particular, but not exclusively, in the field of IT research, production and sale of objects, maintenance of greenery. 

h) Support for local growers and breeders, gardeners, beekeepers.

Legal status

You can check the legal declaration here.
Minuets and statements

Financial declaration

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Rental contract

Rental contract used for purposes of non-profit to non-profit rental  here 

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